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    Inspiring Mothers

    Meet Julia

    Julia Rebaudo is a freelance journalist, blogger and photographer based in East London.

    Having written for a wide range of print and digital including Elle, Time Out and The Guardian, she is the multi-tasking creator of fashion and lifestyle blog

    Obsessed with digital publishing and creating beautiful imagery, Julia is a UK ambassador for Olympus. You'll find her mainly on Instagram @stylonylon.

    We asked Julia to share beauty advice that was handed down to her by her Mother...

    "My mum has always taken amazing care of her skin and it looks incredible as a result. So when she started using more natural and organic products so did I. I just follow accordingly really, being as careful with what I eat and drink as well as what I put on my skin. It's the best way to get results I think!"

    And why do you love Jurlique?...

    "I really love the super high organic quality and the thoughtfulness of Jurlique products for caring for maturing skin. I'm obsessed with the Activating Water Essence with its marshmallow essence which is so refreshing to apply between cleansing and moisturising."

    Shop Julia's favourite product Activating Water Essence

    Meet Helen

    Helen Wilson-Beevers is a freelance writer, beauty editor, blogger and mother of two.

    She blogs at; exploring beauty, life and style.

    You can also find Helen on Twitter and Instagram @mummymode.

    We asked Helen to share beauty advice that was handed to down to her by her mother...

    "My mum always reiterates the importance of protecting your skin with SPF, whatever the weather. As a passionate runner, looking completely amazing, her skincare and wellbeing advice is always welcome!"

    And why do you love Jurlique?...

    "I absolutely love Jurlique because the effortlessly beautiful products are a simple, luxurious staple. The Rosewater Balancing Mist is a revitalising must-have, offering skincare refreshment both on the go and from home. The brand's natural ethos provides reassuring comfort when looking for kind skincare goodies."

    Shop Helen's favourite Jurlique product Rosewater Balancing Mist

     Meet Rachel

    Rachel Landon is a Mum of four, Naturopathic Iridologist and Master herbalist. She is currently writing a book on Super Herbs for Piaktus, The Little Brown publishing company and will soon also be launching Wilder, a herbal life.

    You can discover more about Rachel by visiting her at or her Instagram channel @wilder.botanics

    We asked Rachel to share advice that was handed down to her by her mother...

    My mum was an older mum, a war baby which made her incredibly  practical, never wasting anything and proficient at growing all our own seasonal organic fruit and veg and she was a single mum of four and ran a full time business... how she did it I do not know!

    She taught me that I could be anything in life, being a girl made no difference to me there were no patriarchal role models at home, mum was both.

    She didn’t have a beauty regime she used soap and water on her face and no fancy creams or makeup and this I realise did effect me as I keep my beauty regime to a minimum and always use natural products.

    She was so beautiful and her vitality and zest for life was inspiring and sometimes exhausting to watch!

    She did teach me the importance of getting outside , that the fresh air was so important and to stand tall and never stoop and being 6ft from 14 I tended to try and stoop a lot.

    And she taught me that you could be a mother and a working woman and be strong yet still gentle and incredibly feminine .

    We also asked Rachel to share why she loves Jurlique?...

    "I love Jurlique as their products embody nature. In our hectic and stressful modern lives to have natural products that contain ingredients that have been so thoughtfully and lovingly cared for makes me feel de stressed and cared for when I use them. I absolutely love the Moisture Replenishing Mask, I sleep in it… it got me through 2 years of breast feeding in my mid forties!!

    Shop Rachel's favourite Jurlique product Moisture Replenishing Mask

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