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    Day cream vs emulsion: What’s the difference?

    Two luxurious textures, same anti-ageing benefits

    You may have noticed the latest addition to Nutri Define, the ultimate in natural anti-ageing skin care: our new Nutri-Define Restorative Hydrating Emulsion. It’s our luxurious yet lightweight alternative to Nutri-Define Multi-Correcting Day Cream – but what exactly does this mean? And how are the two moisturisers different?

    "Both skin care creams are infused with our exclusive Biosome5 complex, so they have identical anti-ageing benefits," said our Global Education Director, Rebecca Nicholls. "The Horseradish, Rosemary, Peppermint, Mulberry Root and Glycogen in Biosome5 target the advanced signs of ageing – including deep lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and uneven skin texture – to help skin
    feel redefined, revitalised and replenished."

    "But we’ve introduced this new anti-ageing emulsion to offer our customers a choice of two luxurious textures, depending on what they prefer."


    "Our Nutri-Define Multi-Correcting Day Cream is a richer anti-ageing moisturiser.  And our new Nutri-Define Restorative Hydrating Emulsion has a lightweight texture, and is designed to give you a beautifully matte and youthful appearance."


    "This makes our new emulsion ideal for warmer days, or for people who simply prefer a lighter anti-ageing lotion that leaves their skin feeling perfectly hydrated and looking radiant. For best results, use either the day cream or the emulsion as part of your daytime Nutri-Define skin care ritual."

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