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    Meet the Party Girl

    Help her though the silly season with the products to give her skin moisture the morning after! Meet our 'Party Girl' Rebecca Coco

    Blogger Profile Images4


    I probably enjoy Christmas more than the average person, I’m completely obsessed! However, it can get a little stressful as I’m always on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ gift for my friends and family. Jurlique chose me as their ‘Party Girl’ and have selected some gifts which are absolutely perfect for me!

    The Aromatic Rose Duo (£38) is such a lovely gift set containing a Rose Hand Cream and Essence of Rose Roll-on Fragrance Oil. The Rose Hand Cream is lovely and rich however sinks into the skin quickly, it also has the most beautiful rose scent. It leaves my hands feeling silky smooth and moisturised, it’s now a staple in my handbag and you won’t see me leaving the house without it! The other product included is the Essence of Rose Roll-on France Oil which smells incredible! It smells just like a fresh red rose and is the perfect size to pop in your bag.

    Article images11

    Moving onto the Rosewater Balancing Mist (£24), this has become a staple in my everyday skincare routine. It’s a daily balancing moisture mist infused with antioxidants which restores and hydrates the skin, I spritz this onto my face and it leaves me feeling instantly soothed and refreshed. Christmas can be very hectic and there are lots of events to attend and people to catch up with so this is perfect to use the morning after when my skin is feeling a little dull and dehydrated.

    Article images7

    If you’re wanting to keep your lips looking and feeling great throughout the colder months ahead then the Hydra-Gloss with Nutri-Oil Complex (£12) is perfect for you! This is in the shade ‘I’m Neutral’ and adds a beautiful sheer colour gloss to my lips whilst keeping them moisturised and soft. Then to keep your face free from unwanted shine and to keep it looking radiant there’s the Rose Silk Finishing Powder (£26). It’s a translucent powder which gives your skin a smooth matte finish, and if you’re like me and have oily skin then this is perfect at keeping that oil at bay and achieving a flawless finish.

    Article images6

    I recently returned from holiday a few weeks ago and my tan has started to fade, so the Sun Specialist Sunless Tanner (£24) has been my saviour at keeping that natural glow. It’s for use on both the face and body but I was a little wary at first using this on my face as I have very sensitive skin, however it didn’t irritate my skin at all which was great. I am in love the sun-kissed summer glow that this achieves!


    Jurlique have so many lovely Christmas gift sets and products that would make lovely presents, I’d definitely recommend having a little browse at their gift guide. There are various different personalities in which you can look through to help find the perfect gift for your friends and family.

    Rebecca x

    14819 Blogger - Rebecca

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