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    Meet The Beauty Addict...

    Her drawers overflow with every single beauty product known to mankind and now they’re about to burst at the seams with Jurlique products that satisfy her every beauty need. Meet our Beauty Addict Megan Jane Lillie and discover her Christmas wish list.

    Blogger Profile Images3


    There's nothing like a good ol' beauty gift set to get my toes tingling all ready for Christmas. Some can be a complete mix of good and bad, but this one is hella good...

    This beautiful Iconic Collection (£69) by Jurlique is the most perfect present for beauty addicts all around, just like myself. It could be a really fantastic present for someone who loves to have a cheeky splurge on things that help them look after their skin and love to glow from within. This set contains three generously sized products that will have the recipient feeling nourished and lifted within no time.

    Article images25

    The star of the show is no doubt one of the brands best-selling products - and with good reason! The Rosewater Balancing Mist (£24) is a must have in any beauty addicts collection. A couple of fine spritz' of this and I feel instantly refreshed. Infused with antioxidants, the spray not only adds moisture to your skin but it assists in the soothing and calming of it also. It's a real treat.

    Article images19

    For a real luxury addition to the box, there is the fabulous Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum (£47) which is a product I have been loving using daily. It boosts radiance as it relives the skin of any appearance of tiredness which as I'm in my third year of University - is something that I need! The pearlised bottle? Well it just looks a treat on my desk!

    Article images26

    Finally, something to bring some life back into our hands this cold winter is the Rose Hand Cream (£18). The super rich cream sinks into the skin beautifully whilst keeping the hands soft, supple and smelling of roses - perfect!


    So this little box from Jurlique is just fantastic, saving you £20 if you were to purchase all the products individually which is fantastic! The beautiful box that it comes in is a keeper too! Let me know if you'll be buying any gift sets this year for any of your loved ones - I'd love to know which ones you'll be eyeing up! Thanks for reading!

    Megan xo

    14819 Blogger - Megan

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