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    Experience Radiance

    For the first time in 30 years we chose to use women to convey the essence of Julique. These women are natural, confident and radiant. 

    Sophia Frankish


    "I like to give myself a few hours every night just to be with myself and unwind. I really strive to keep a balance between family and friends and work commitments but I do manage and I think it's really important to give yourself that time."

    Jacqueline Alwill


    "Radiance for me comes from being kind to myself, and as a nutritionist it comes from nourishing my body with good practice, whole foods and plenty of water."

    "Beauty is more than skin deep - it's a radiance created by the combination of quality skin care, health and well being."

    Ulrike Klein, co-founder of Jurlique
    Saskia Havekes


    "Radiance to me is feeling the sun on my skin, walking down the street and just generally feeling really healthy. I just love the early morning. I get up at 3:45am and travel to the flower markets and I find that really exhilarating. There is lots of movement, lots of fragrance, lots of colour and it makes me feel very radiant when I'm up and capture the day before anyone else."